Utabayi: Instilling hope and courage

The short film receives Jury Top 5 award from Telangana State government

By   |  Published: 11th Jun 2018  6:26 pmUpdated: 11th Jun 2018  7:55 pm

Utabayi (dug water well) is the story of a man named Mutthayya, who is struck by pensive sadness after losing his wife. In a deep state of melancholy, Mutthayya finds it hard to come to terms with his life and starts earning a livelihood by selling oranges in his village.

With his meagre earnings, he thinks of finding a suitable groom to his already widowed daughter Devendra. Unfortunately, Mutthayya gets caught in the vicious cycle of life, when he suffers a fracture in leg and all the money he earned had to be spent on the treatment. Although downed by the plight, he further musters courage and begins life from the scratch again.

This concept has been made into a film and it received the Jury Top 5 award from the Telangana government during Avatharana Filmotsav Awards 2018.

Directed by Venu Polsani, the short film drives home the message — life is like a ‘dug well’ and one has to continuously draw water from it, else the water gets mucky. Similarly, man should work relentlessly despite obstacles and challenges he encounters in life.

Speaking to Tabloid Today, documentary filmmaker Venu Polsani said that the short film was inspired by the original story written by Peddinti Ashok Kumar. A versatile theatre artiste, Venu Polsani, a native of Karimnagar district, has a credit of performing 100 stage shows. His short films and documentaries reflect the social issues such as colour discrimination, relationships, marriage and HIV.