‘Vajrakavachadara Govinda is a laugh riot’

Sapthagiri explains why he has pinned his hopes on the comedy film

By Author  |  Published: 11th Jun 2019  7:57 pm
Vajrakavachadara Govinda

Comedian-turned-protagonist Sapthagiri has carved a niche for himself in the glamour field. But, he remains humble and admits, “neither do I have a six-pack, nor a chiselled muscular body like Sunila anna.” The actor who struck a chord with Telugu audience with his last outings says he is confident of tickling funny bones of viewers with his upcoming comedy Vajrakavachadara Govinda.

In an informal chat, Sapthagiri shared details about his movie and the hopes on it. “My last flick Saptagiri Express earned me money and Saptagiri LLB earned me fame. I hope this one earns me both,” the actor says. Sapthagiri plays the Govindu, a petty thief in the movie. The comic narration of the story revolves around a diamond and Govindu, who hopes to help cancer victim. However, the path he has chosen is an immoral one.

This is when Lord Venkateswara Swamy enters the scene and reprimands him,” Sapthagiri said. The name of the title is a bit archaic. “Vajrakavachadara Govinda is one of the 108 names of the Lord. I am a staunch bhakt of Lord Venkateswara and the character Govindu is also relatable, so all this together led to the title,” he says.

Unexpected turn

Having started his career as assistant director in the Telugu film industry some seven years ago, Sapthagiri says it was his looks and mannerism, which led to his foray in acting. However, a few roles came his way initially. “I never dreamt of becoming a comedian in my life. I entered the industry to become a filmmaker. Director Krishna Vamsi’s work Sindhooram and Shankar’s Bharateeyudu were the movies that inspired me. Although scripts came my way which led me on a certain path, fate had something else in store for me and I accepted it. I have no plans to venture into directing anymore,” he says. The actor adds his aim to become a director was to give a social message. That is why the life of a police constable was depicted so naturally in Saptagiri Express. And in Saptagiri LLB, problems of peasants were highlighted. Now, Govindu’s intentions are pure. He fights for a social cause where he would try to help cancer patients,” he says.

Sapthagiri feels that his seven years of experience as assistant director helped make his script better when he sat along with director Arun Pawan who had also helmed Saptagiri Express. Having earned a name with his hilarious comedy and timing in Venkatadri Express and Prema Katha Chitram, Sapthagiri disagrees with the notion that “comedians who turn heroes have failed at the box office”. “Audience have changed. How the movies are made has completely changed now,” he says. The movie is scheduled for release on June 14.