Valentine’s Day in the shadow of Coronavirus

From cooking a special meal together to watching a movie and playing games is all that’s trending this year

By   |  Published: 13th Feb 2020  5:56 pm

With the outbreak of deadly Coronavirus in China and other parts of the world, experts suggest that couples should ditch kissing and cuddling this Valentine’s Day to avert infection by the virus.According to experts quoted in a report published by ‘The Sun, snogging fuels the spread of the deadly virus.

In light of the outbreak of the disease, traveling out for celebrating Valentine ’s Day is even more dangerous and hence, a lot of people are planning to spend the day at home.Here are a few romantic date ideas for couples for spending the day at home without engaging physically and at an affordable budget, according to a report of Asia One.

Cooking a special meal

Fancy dinners at the restaurants are good but cooking together is something that beats all fancy dinners. The food that is cooked this way has a special ingredient in it ‘love’. There are plenty of simple recipes for some of the most scrumptious meals.

Watch a movie together

Bonding over your favourite genre of films in a movie theatre is often the ideal date plan but ditching the theatre, couples can also create their own theatre experience at home. Dimming the lights and even adding scented candles can turn the moment more romantic. With the advent of OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc. it is even easier to find your favourite movie.

Play a competitive game

Couples that play together, stay together! According to the report in Asia One, getting competitive video games, or something as basic as board games like scrabble are good options for celebrating the day in a lighter yet romantic way.