Vets rape case: NRIs call for stringent action

By   |  Published: 2nd Dec 2019  1:06 am

Jeddah: The gruesome incident of rape and brutal killing a 27-year old woman in Shamshabad in Hyderabad has sparked outrage not only in the country but also beyond borders. The NRI community that living in gulf countries is shaken by the tragedy and many calling for a tough action.

Since many of Telangana NRIs living alone in abroad and leaving their families back home expressed concern for the safety of women in back home in India. The country has been in the international spotlight over its handling of sex assaults since the brutal gang-rape and murder of a student on a Delhi bus in 2012 known as Nirbhaya case.

The NRI community irrespective of their backgrounds was glued to Indian media outlets on weekend in Gulf – Friday and Saturday – as most of them have indulged in discussing about, the Shamshabad horrific incident, whether in a shopping mall or restaurant. Many Malayali women also used social media to express their condemnation.

Expressing shock over the incident, Dubai resident R Sarita Reddy, who hails from Warangal, said that being mother of two daughters she is concerned for their safety when they travel back home India. She said that there are inadequate punishments meted out to culprits in rape cases due to legal system in India. “India need to have stringent laws to deal with culprits in crime against women same as gulf countries”, she added.

She emphasised upon curbing the rampant liquor and wider usage of data bundles where many youths ruin their lives and others.

Condemning the incident, Jeddah resident Amrina Qaiser, native of Hyderabad, who born and brought up in Saudi Arabia, said that perception of men towards women required to change. She feels that it must start from the home only.

“Depending solely upon police is not correct, women must exercise her own preventing and alertive measures”, opined P Mithila Reddy, a long-time resident of Qatar and native of Mahbubnagar district. “Being a mother I was extremely disturbed, anguished and pained over the Shamshabad incident”, Mithila Reddy added.