These videos reveal jaw-dropping facts about outer space

NatGeo Times presents a video, where they list out 10 simple things that you cannot do in space.

By Author   |   Published: 21st Sep 2017   11:00 pm Updated: 21st Sep 2017   9:11 pm

5 common myths about space

The video by Mind Warehouse is bound to redefine your perception about the outer space.

“Most of our knowledge about the Universe is made up of random bits from Hollywood movies and science fiction books, which are often quite far from reality. We would try to dispel a few of these myths for you,” the makers say and they sure do, starting from simple myths like Mercury is the hottest planet.

The strangest things to fall from outer space

This video by The Richest has a list of top 10 bizarre, as well as fascinating objects that fell from the sky, which they vouch you definitely won’t believe — because, the list includes a human too. Other things include nuclear waste and parts of satellites, as expected.

10 simple things you cannot do in space

Although we know it is a different world altogether out there, the fact that certain things that are so ingrained in our daily life here are impossible there, will baffle you for sure. NatGeo Times presents a video, where they list out 10 simple things that you cannot do in space — like writing and drinking carbonated beverages, among others. The reasons are even more fascinating.

If an astronaut floated away

TheVendor101, in this gripping video, explains what would happen if an astronaut were to tumble away from his/her station. The video provides multiple possibilities as to the dreadful transitions one might have to go through, before the suite stops working and you ultimately float away to death, staring at the planet you came from.

If you fall into a black hole

Black holes have forever been an enigma to humans and there are a lot of speculations and myths revolving around the concept. In this video, the maker not only proposes several hypotheses as to what would happen if one gets engulfed by the beginning of a petrifying endlessness, but also gives insights into what exactly a black hole is.