Viven Innovatives to boost organic farming

City startup develops chemical-free fertiliser; aims to improve crop yield

By Author   |   Published: 7th May 2017   12:05 am Updated: 7th May 2017   12:20 am
Viven Innovatives
Viven Innovatives founder Pradyumna Bajjuri.

Hyderabad: Hyderabad-based startup Viven Innovatives has developed chemical-free fertiliser for the farming community. The company believes that there is a growing use of chemicals, which is spoiling the soil quality.

Consistent use of chemicals will hamper cultivation in future. It wants to eradicate the use of urea in farming and wants to bring in more organic farming.

The company has developed V-OrgaFer, which is an organic fertiliser, developed in house. The company began its research in November 2014 and conducted field trials in about 1500 acres of land across Telangana. Its product has been certified by NPOP (National Program for Organic Production).

The fertiliser consists of both micro and macro nutrients in the prescribed requirement list of organic manure. The whole process along with the products has been patented. The company primarily wants to help farmers grow their crops in an organic way.

Explaining the advantages, the company’s founder Pradyumna Bajjuri told Telangana Today, “The major benefits of our fertiliser is that it is 100 per cent organic in nature, means no chemicals are used in any process of its manufacturing. The field trials have shown that it leads to more yield and less disease attack (pest-resistant).”

Pradyumna who has completed his engineering from Vellore Institute of Technology when got involved in poultry rearing, started observing local farmers buying poultry manure for preparing land before sowing every season. He got to know from them about the benefits of using the manure and the low cost factor. From then he began studying about the benefits of organic manure from poultry, and in general the practices used in agriculture. After discussing with several people in the field and with the help of his friends he made V-OrgaFer from organic materials.

V-OrgaFer is certified organic product containing nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium (N-P-K) along with micro nutrients, beneficiary nutrients and microbial growth. The multi-dimensional properties of the product helps in effective growth of the plant and stabilises the soil health.

The trials have shown that the regular use of the product gives a 10-15 per cent increase in yield and reduction of 10 per cent in investment to the farmer there by giving an overall savings of 20 to 25 per cent to the farmer (proved in various crops by different farmers over Telangana and Andhra Pradesh).

He said, “In today’s scenario where commercial interests are more than the farmer’s survival, I would like to see my product as the one which gives the farmers success with lower investment.

I would like to see the product is available to all the farmers at a competitive price and reap benefits in the long run. Being organic, the farmer in future has the option of selling to MNCs who are into marketing of organic produce at a higher price and be in commanding position rather than being dictated.”

“In the near future I would like to see the farmers demanding for organic fertilisers and be educated towards reduced usage of chemical fertilisers. I would like to see farmers creating societies within the village and market their produce at a standard price,” he added.

Viven Innovatives aims to produce high quality, affordable organic products through sustained investments in agricultural research and development. It wants to offer chemical free farm produce, enable faster plant growth with at least 10 per cent higher yield, recovery and stabilisation of the soil’s PH characteristics over time, improved resistance of plants against fungus, pests and insects, reduction of fertiliser runaway, saving time, money and crops.

The company is readying its manufacturing unit at Chintapally of Nalgonda. The company has invested Rs 2 crore in the unit and Rs 1 crore in research and development. It has already sold 30,000 litres to 20,000 farmers, serving 30,000 acres of land across AP and TS. The company will foray into Karnataka and Maharashtra soon. It plans to automate manufacturing and packaging facilities. Going forward, it will launch new products – V-OrgaFer pellets, insecticides and pesticides.