Voters given the run around by officials, return home in frustration

By Author  |  Published: 7th Dec 2018  3:29 pm

Mahbubnagar: Hundreds of voters have been turning back without exercising their franchise in Wanaparthy town because their votes got jumbled in various wards with votes of people living in one ward getting allotted to another ward and so on. This mix up is being attributed to lack of dedication shown by booth level officers (BLOs) and booth level assistants (BLAs) in communicating the updated list to voters living in a ward or booth limits other than theirs.

Many people did not know in which polling booth they have to cast their vote. Lots of people complained that the BLOs are sitting with the lists they have, but they are too lazy to help them. Many people could be seen being told by the BLOs that they can go and search for their votes in other polling booths. This has resulted in voters leaving for their homes frustrated.

Meanwhile, in the Government Junior College premises of Wanaparthy, volunteers who were supposed to help the physically challenged, senior citizens and others, were seen sitting on wheel chairs and enjoying themselves playing in them pushing their chairs and rolling around in them.