Wanna hire luxury on lease?

Stop buying and start renting is the new motto youngsters are swearing by

By Author  |  Published: 13th May 2018  12:25 amUpdated: 14th May 2018  6:24 pm

Have you also had that heart-breaking moment when you, truly enticed by a dress or shoe, slithered towards it to see the piece of art up close and feel it – only to get the shock of your life as you flip it to find the price tag? Dejected, you walk away, cursing yourself for being too poor to afford anything.

Don’t give up just yet! This periodic heartbreak is gradually coming to a standstill, with a certain trend picking up. More avenues to rent items – starting from furniture and electronics to accessories, jewellery and clothes – are opening in Hyderabad by the day, virtually and otherwise, making it easier for customers to utilise a product for that brief time period, when you require it, without spending a bomb.

Patrons are lapping up this new cost-effective offering which caters to two different kinds of need –necessity or luxury. The former mostly applies to those people who have the requirement of a product or a service for a short period of time. For instance, when moving into a new place briefly. For them, buying furniture and electronics would make no sense, and re-selling them is another hassle, while it makes perfect sense to just rent them.

Deepika, who works in the healthcare industry, moved to Hyderabad just a couple of years ago. She and her flatmates rent AC every year during summer and are quite happy with the service. “We rented it from a local vendor after consulting the price with a couple of companies. The AC definitely is not the most upgraded, high-quality one, but it serves the purpose neatly. We didn’t have to spend on any maintenance in between. Since all of us share the expense, it isn’t heavy on the pocket either,” she shares.

The latter might come across as slightly odd in the first go, but as you get a hang of it, you’ll realise it is indeed a lifesaver. Imagine you have a few weddings to attend back-to-back. Now, as much as you would want to look your dashing best, sporting designer wear and branded accessories, you wouldn’t really want to burn an abysmal hole in your pocket, purchasing all the products for exorbitant rates.

This is where renting comes into play. All you have to do is browse through their websites, or visit the store, pick an outfit of your liking, which would cost a mere fraction of the original price, from the plethora of collections and prep up for the occasion. From luxury handbags, clothes and accessories, jewellery (gold and diamond), all you need to do is ask for it – be it Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Valentino, Ferragamo or Burberry.

While Prendo and Rent it Bae can be surfed for handbags, Flyrobe and Swishlist can be checked out for clothes and accessories. Eves24 and Luxepick have some extravagant picks for jewellery; check out Furlenco, Rentomojo and Rentadesk, among others, for furniture, electronics, etc.

However, ensure the sites deliver to your area.

Rent your designer outfits at Flyrobe

Hyderabad, too, is fast becoming a major patron to this economical service, with outlets of services like Flyrobe opening in the city (Opp Cream Stone, Road Number 1, Banjara Hills).

Flyrobe is the first of this kind to open in the city, introducing a new culture to Hyderabadis. “It has been around eight months since we opened the store and the city has been responding amazingly well to us,” says store manager Shruthi Kala.

“So, we basically take outfits in bulk from designers mostly those that didn’t get sold. Even customers who purchase branded designer wear and perhaps wear it only once, keep the outfit with us on lease, which we, in turn, rent out,” she shares.