Warangal on its path to become the prominent city for workforce development in Telangana and India

By Avinash Puli   |   Published: 21st Nov 2017   4:30 pm Updated: 21st Nov 2017   5:04 pm
Warangal Workforce Development
Avinash Puli.

My first day back in Warangal led me to an invite to a family function in a village/suburb to Warangal. I felt like i will be prepared to get some bumpy roads on my way to this place called Katrapalli. To my shock, I saw the roads here were better than back in US. These roads were amazing even in this remote rural area. On my way there, I noticed that there was a textile park being established and at first I thought this could have been the reason for better roads. Then,  I went to another rural village which does not have anything to do with the textile park and was still amazed by the condition of the roads. The efforts by the leadership in Telangana especially KTR garu is commendable and his relentlessness effort in Warangal should be appreciated by all especially the next generations. His vision and efforts to see the comprehensive growth through out the state of Telangana makes him an impeccable leader.

Once again, the strategic motive for making this location for a textile park in Warangal seems like a move to bring along the development all the second tier cities to reinvogarate their potential to be the smart cities of the future.  With the lessons learned from some of the best cities in the US, world and India regarding the transportation, congestion of traffic and amenities to reach the business locations, I feel like the commute route needs to be as accessible and important to the success of this effort.  The roads to the textile park are great if not good from the Warangal railway station. Access to Warangal from the rest of the country so far is through train and bus which are the means of the public transportation. The Warangal bus station is close in proximity and vicinity of the railway station in Warangal which is very rare in other cities. This definitely is an advantage. Considering the common man, the mode of transport for  common man to and from the textile park would be the bus station near Warangal station which is the hub for all buses dispersing to multiple locations in Warangal and surroundings and to other cities. 

Warangal has various developments going on and lot of new changes happening and definitely has the potential smart city in India and second tier city after Hyderabad in Telangana. The one thing i noticed is that the bus station hub  is still in shambles and need a huge face lift. It is no where close to the smart city bus station. I feel like the bus station could be made in such a way that common man benefits as well as it could be one the best hubs in India which will further drive the growth of the local economy as well as help the  the parallel development  going on in the city. I hope that the government will take this humble request into consideration. We love our Warangal and would like to see its past glory revived and be places as one of the industrially developed cities in the country. Jai Telangana.