‘Kenwood ki Dhulai’ on social media over advertisment

By Author  |  Published: 12th May 2017  8:39 pmUpdated: 12th May 2017  9:12 pm
Washing ka naya funda

A Pakistani washing machine advertisement featuring Indian actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui has raised the hackles of Twitterati, who lashed out at the washing machine company for its insensitive content ‘justifying’ domestic violence. The vehemence with which Twitterati responded was so vehement that Kenwood had issued a ‘disclaimer’ claiming that the advertisement clip was not given final clearance, but was “somehow leaked” and found its way to the social media.

The 76-second video posted on YouTube channel ‘Salman Khan’ has gone viral stirring up resentment over the misogynistic advertisement.

In the advertisement, the Indian actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui swanks to a couple of friends of him beating up his wife after she raised her voice to him during an argument. “Bhai se attitude bardaasht nahi hoti, mujhe gussa aa gaya aur mera haath utt gaya, dhulayi ki,” he brags.

The advertisement concludes when one friend pretending that his (Nawaz’s) wife is standing behind him and a startled Nawaz scrambles to his feet to find no one behind him, as his friends laugh out uncontrollably. Nawaz, who is apparently relieved warns his friends not to resort to such mischief again. “Aisi mazak mat kiya kar yaar, meri saans rukh gayi.”

The so-called humour apparently touched a raw nerve and soon volleys of tweets berating Kenwood and the concept began pouring in.

Kenwood did not lose much time in issuing a disclaimer clarifying that the Ad was “never approved for final release as there were amendments that had to be done in the content. The commercial was scheduled for a release at a later date but somehow got leaked and made its way to social media, it claimed.

“We admit that our judgement was flawed as we failed to fully and deeply consider the ad in the light of the view that many people have pointed out”, the disclaimer said with an apology “to our audience for hurting their sentiments.”