Watch out for infections in dogs

When the rains come a calling, your pet may become even more susceptible to germs and bacteria

By Author  |  Published: 16th Jun 2018  6:46 pm

During rainy days, dogs are most likely to fall ill due to the moisture and lack of fitness. Make sure your pet is healthy and gets his daily dose of exercise indoor. As a care taker, you should be aware of safety and precautionary measures during this particular season. Also, avoid sudden or direct cold exposure to your dog, as the climatic change may lead to health issues such as cold, cough, pneumonia, skin infection, fungal infections and infestation of parasites such as fleas and ticks.

However, your pet can enjoy the rainy season as much as you do, provided you follow these simple tips:

Regular grooming

The chances of getting ticks and fleas increases during rainy season and so a grooming routine is necessary. Make sure you brush the fur, clip the nails and take vet appointments regularly for a check-up. Also, the risk of bacteria increases with moist weather and hence frequent bathing with antiseptic shampoos is a must.

Ensure your pet’s fur is dry

The chances of falling sick during rains are high. Make sure your pet remains indoors and don’t let them get drenched in the rains. Getting wet can also lead to skin infections and respiratory diseases.

Avoid water logged areas

As a dog owner, you shouldn’t keep your pets locked all day long and taking them for a walk is definitely essential. But, before you take them out for a stroll, go in areas that aren’t water-logged and places with long grasses, as they increase the risk of mosquito bites and ticks.

Watch the diet

Since your adorable pet is indoors, make sure they eats freshly prepared food, which is free from all types of fungi. The proper monitoring of diet ensures regular bowel movements even if walking has cut down. If the activity levels have reduced, then reduce the portion of food in order to avoid weight issues.