Watch: No more searching for veins by trial and error

By   |  Published: 29th May 2017  3:44 pmUpdated: 29th May 2017  3:57 pm
Screengrab of the video.

Have you not been taken by the fear that the careful nurse, with her gaze firmly fixed on your arm, will push the injection in the wrong spot inadvertently? Happens to us all, right? The act of having a pin, clean as it might be, invade your body is quite frightening to most people, while some even have a phobia of surgical tools – it is called ergasiophobia. 

This viral video curated by futurist Alex Klokus shows a breakthrough in medical technology, with a device capable of locating veins, valves and bifurcations beneath the skin, so that the surgical penetration can be 100 per cent on the mark. It helps nurses determine the best point of insertion and, according to the video, was able to improve first attempt success to perfection. 

The video was first made by Australian Red Cross Blood Service, and you can watch the original video posted on Youtube in 2014 here. At the time, the technology was being tested for approval. 

The device is called VeinViewer, and it creates a digital image on the skin at the spot where penetration is required. According to the video, the device uses near-infrared light and locates valves as deep as 15 mm. Watch the new video here: