Water quality at Neknampur lake improves

By   |  Published: 26th Nov 2017  11:01 pm
File Photo: Neknampur Lake

Hyderabad: There is a renewed hope for aquatic life in the 444-year-old Neknampur Lake near Taramati Baradari at Ibrahim Bagh.

The recent analysis of water samples collected from the lake by the Fisheries Department showed that the water quality of the lake improved significantly in the last few months.

“Considering all the factors that are needed for the survival of fish in a water body, the State Fisheries department released species of Grass Carp, Rohu, Catla and Bangaru Theega in the lake on Saturday,” Madhulika Chowdary of Dhruvansh said.

Dhruvansh, an NGO that works for conservation of Lakes has played a major role in improving the water quality of the lake by introducing artificial floating islands that protect the lake from harmful chemicals and incoming sewage, constructed a wastewater wetland treatment plant, set up fences with support of the local residents etc.