Ways to tell if you’re obsessed with interior design

By Author  |  Published: 18th Nov 2017  12:05 amUpdated: 17th Nov 2017  9:37 pm
Interior Design

Do you search for excuses to buy new stuff for your house? Is your phone filled with pictures of beautiful bedrooms and interior ideas? Do you sigh in awe every time you go through an interior design magazine? If your answer to all those questions is yes then according to our diagnosis you may be obsessed with interior design. In order to find out for sure, We have compiled a few traits displayed by all interior design enthusiasts. Let’s find out if you are one!

You keep up with the trends
If you ever run across a picture of a beautiful home or an interesting hack, you are definitely clicking! You also love reading interior design related magazine articles and books. Following up on the latest interior trends depending on the year is one of your favourite things to do and as a result you are always updated on what’s hot and what’s not.

You know your shades
Unlike many of your acquaintances you understand the difference of subtle changes in shades that can make. White may appear just white to them but you know the kind of shade range it offers, same goes for grey. It’s baffling to you how others can’t differentiate between shades as easily as you can. Hence, you have a good sense of how to use a particular shade to make your interior pop.

Candles everywhere
You find special comfort in creating a cosy ambiance by spreading candles everywhere. Scented candles are the ultimate mood setters for you and you can’t possibly leave the store without buying one.

You have fun redecorating
Redecorating may be a chore for many people you know but not you! You find joy in changing everything up once in a while. You often surprise your partner or housemates with a complete interior transformation and love all the compliments you receive for your decorating effort.

You make the most of holidays
Holidays aren’t only an opportunity to sit back, relax and have a fun time with family it is also an excellent opportunity to decorate. You display your holiday season by buying little knick knacks to add to your interior and never miss an opportunity to decorate.

Cushions comfort you
Your cushions aren’t only comfortable but they also bring the whole look together. The bed, sofa and basically every spot you deem appropriate is littered with coloured or patterned cushions that you bought impulsively at point or another. You are very particular about how you like your cushions to be arranged and feel a bit uneasy when someone messes it up.

Looking for new ideas
You’re always on the lookout for some great ideas to help you freshen up your interior and get creative with it. Little DIY projects that can add to the appeal of your home without costing you a fortune are immensely exciting to you and you can never wait to try them out!

All these and much more are the qualities of a person obsessed with interior design, but don’t worry! As far as obsessions go, this is an excellent one and you can easily turn it into a career. So, make sure to fully utilise your passion for design, spread beauty in your surroundings and have a good time doing it!

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