Ways to make time and get back into reading ​

Making more time for reading is always a challenge but it is not impossible

By Author  |  Published: 7th Feb 2018  11:04 pmUpdated: 7th Feb 2018  7:07 pm

“A reader lives thousand lives before he dies. The man who doesn’t read lives only once.” — George RR Martin.

Even the most avid readers succumb to their busy schedules and suffer from major breakdowns when they don’t get their dose of reading. Do not let any excuse snatch away your favourite pastime.

Here are a few ways to make more time for reading:

There is no right place

There is no such thing as a ‘right place’ for reading. Read whenever and wherever you have time. Be it while you commute or while waiting for your friend. Instead of refreshing the Facebook or Instagram posts for the zillionth time, pick up a book or even a magazine and have a refreshing read.

Make it your ritual

Have a particular slot in your schedule exclusively for reading and make that your ritual. Just like a tea break or a coffee break, have a reading break. This ritual will help immensely in developing your reading habits.

Start & end your day with a book

Reading is a healthy habit. If you are someone who cannot squeeze reading in between your busy schedule, trying doing this. Wake up 30 minutes or one hour prior to your usual time and start reading. And, of course, it is well-known that reading before going to bed is one of the best practices.

Set page goals

Set 10-page or 50-page goals for yourself. Do not end your day without getting done with this task. You can also try something exciting by going for ‘100 books’ challenge. Try anything and everything which will help you stick to the reading.

Read what interests you

Reading is not something which can be forced upon. And do not fall into the trap of reading something which you’re asked to. If you do not find a book interesting, switch! Read what you like and that will keep you going.