We followed ‘God Father 2’ for the screenplay: Sudheer Varma

The director of Ranarangam divulges a few details ahead of the film’s release

By Author  |  Published: 13th Aug 2019  9:52 pm
Sudheer Varma

Sudheer Varma, the director of Ranarangam, has admitted to being “a diehard fan of God Father 2”. “I must have seen it at least a 100 times. I was so fascinated by the merit in screenplay. To be honest, I employed a parallel screenplay in my present film Ranarangam since the story had the suitability to adopt the screenplay of God Father 2,” he said.

Ahead of the movie’s release, Sudheer Varma met the press and shared details about the film which is scheduled to hit the screens this Friday. He said that he wrote the story of a gangster based on the liquor prohibition during 1994 and 1997 in the then combined State of Andhra Pradesh. Citing the reason to shoot at Vizag, he explained that liquor used to be carried from the adjacent State of Odisha to Vizag those days.

“I came into contact with people here and there to seek details of the illicit activity prevalent those days. I just took it as a base of my story to create the conflict for the hero to retaliate. For any story, there’s a need for some backdrop,” he said.When asked about the performance of Sharwanand, Sudheer Varma said that Sharwanand really strived to put his best into the character.

“Of course, he looks similar to Basha as per his get-up. But, there is no other similarity. In fact, my first choice of a hero for this film was Ravi Teja. But, when he was too busy with other projects, I approached Sharwanand. Without second thoughts, he immediately proceeded with the film.

Then, I went back to Ravi Teja to inform him about the change of the hero. Ravi Teja also responded positively and encouraged me to go forward with Sharwanand. Sharwa did not leave any scope for disappointment for me, for not waiting for Ravi Teja. The audience will experience only the character, not Sharwa. That is the perfection he displayed in the film,” Sudheer said. And, the director expressed confidence and faith in his work.