We miss you, Doc

Osmania Medical College class of ’82 took reunion as an opportunity to remember their dearest friend, MV Sridhar

By Author  |  Dheeraja Manvi  |  Published: 11th Jan 2018  8:12 pmUpdated: 12th Jan 2018  2:14 pm

Hyderabad bid goodbye with a heavy heart to its cricket superstar last year. While everyone knows MV Sridhar for his impeccable batting skills and as a most able administrator, his college-mates share a heartfelt video sharing their experiences with this humble personality.

Sridhar’s college batchmates take Osmania Medical College of ’82 reunion as an opportunity to remember their dearest friend by reliving the moments with the young and charming doc. The video takes the viewers through the pictorial journey of the cricketer which moves one to tears of pride.

In the video, we see Sridhar’s junior, Rajeev, proudly showering him with all the accolades for his batting skills. He explains how he was hammered by Sridhar despite being a little tipsy and injured. Sridhar was all smiles throughout, as he takes the praise with utter modesty. Later, he takes to the centre stage to thank his friends Ananta and Venkat for encouraging him to pursue his dream.

Sridhar’s love for family and friends, his extraordinary memory for names of not only his friends but also their families, how he was called ‘The Fixer’ for his ability to repair anything and everything, his kind heart which never says ‘No’ to a friend and the talent to bring humour into any situation will just be an introduction to his amazing personality.

The film was put together with the help of his dearest friends Ananta, Yashasree and Salman including his family. The video ends with Sridhar singing his favourite song Woh phir nahin aate, leaving us grieving for his loss.