As we are just two months behind the new year, let us revisit the 2022 fashion trends that may or may not make  it to 2023. With Y2K fashion peaking higher than ever, the rest of the year had many fashion trends in store. From a trending print to colours stealing the show, low-waist pants, cut-outs, corsets, and midi dresses with floral prints.

Not to forget, we did not leave accessories behind this year. From chunky platforms to bright bags and accessorizing our looks with aesthetic jewellery. Let us dive into the fashion trends of this year:

1.  Flared Pants: These pants were a perfect choice for their leg-lengthen effect. They were sleek and elegant go-to everyday pants.

Photo Credit:  Trishala Kamath

2.  Corset Tops: When the series, Bridgeton hit our screens this year, the corset trend hit the market. From corset tops to dresses, it was approved by all and corsets were no longer an instrument to cinch your waist.

Photo Credit:  Shivathmika Rajashekar

3.  Midi Dresses: A chic piece that was in almost everyone’s closet and could have been easily styled according to  the event.

Photo Credit:  Shivani Rajashekar

4.  Wide Leg Jeans: Wider than straight-cut jeans, these pants hug you in all the right places while still leaving room to breathe.

Photo Credit:  Kavya Methi Khandelwal

5.  Cut-Outs: Euphoria was certainly responsible to get this trend back in the world of haute couture this year with variations of cuts in dresses, tops as well as pants.

Photo Credit:  Ramya Pesupuleti

6.  Low Waist Pants: Low-rise jeans were back in style with a few twists, some had funky prints and cuts while the experiment of colours continued with pants.

Photo Credit:  Megana Govindaraju

7.  Signature Colours:  With prints and styles trending, there were also signature colours in the industry. The shades of green and purple were the most popular and mesmerizing shades of the year.

Photo Credit:  Meenakshi Pamnani

8.  Pumps: 2022 fashion trends were all about chunky soles, from heels to flats, boots, and loafers.

9.  Mood Prints: One of the most popular fashion trends this year was opting for a variety of floral prints and patterns like twisting swirls and abstract designs creating sophisticated or preppy, rebellious looks.

Photo Credit:  Esha Rao

10.  Bright Bags: From pink, blue to purple and green all the bright and bold hues were making their way to bags for stealing the spotlight.

Photo Credit:  Divya Boppana