While past failures provide excellent opportunity for you to have a review to know the reasons where and how you failed in your sphere of activity, your abilities to opt for improvised working style will keep you on a winning streak.

If the strains have not yet reached breaking stage, make sincere efforts towards sorting out things amicably. If you are at fault, try to be remorseful and make amends.

It is high time that you allotted sufficient time to keep people close to your heart smiling. If they are in financial soup, spare time to discuss the issues on bailing them out with innovative methods.

You may look uncontrollable in your spending habits without minding the possible consequences. But halfway through the week, you may face circumstances that remind you of the need to have self-discipline.

Try to be relaxed as you try to reach your targets irrespective of the work pressure. Spare some time daily for meditation or Yoga to help your mind concentrate on work

Inconsistency may mar your determination, and added to this, your assertions may lack clarity and logic.

It seems some of the people close to your heart are leaving for distant places for higher learning or earning. You may be worried that one of your close friends is leaving with no possibility of returning in the near future.

You will have happy times with your analytical skills receiving appreciation at home and workplace. You may come across incidents or participate in events boosting up your social status

Changes in your food habits or acquisition of new habits could be the reason for your re-attracting health issues.

You may come under pressure from family elders to explore options of peaceful settlement of disputes.

As your attitude determinator Mars exercises strong influence on your thought process this week, you may tend to take things to logical conclusion.

Some of your envious colleagues may find loopholes in your work and point fingers at you. Better restrain yourself from making great claims on your small achievements.