You may plan to undertake long distance visits in near future to meet elderly people well-versed in spiritual matters.

You may keep away from routine official chores as you consider professional aspirations unimportant for the day.

Fearing that your secret activities will come under scrutiny of elders at home, you may spend the day outside mostly.

You will feel that the day is great in many respects. Your friend, from opposite sex, may recover from illness giving you relief.

Looking confident all the way, you are likely to take strong decisions on issues that you kept pending for long.

You will think of mighty people who are out to spoil your image and social status.

Are you vexed with irritating spousal behaviour? You may be strongly aware you have to face it and bear it as you don’t have any alternative.

You will tend to think in terms of reactivating your spiritual interests that you have kept under wraps all these days.

If you are heading an organisation, people working under you may oppose your decisions and working style.

As excellence guides your decision-making abilities, you may give importance to turn foes into friends and make friends best friends

You will feel blessed as you see good future for yourself. If you are a youngster seeking employment, you will firmly aim at grabbing government-related employment.

You may feel that many people are watching you and your activity. Some of the people around may also find it necessary to make enquiries about you.