You will be aggressive and intransigent and your mind may not accept others’ viewpoint on key issues.  You will let others know that you are impatient and inconsistent through your assertions.

You may tend to be harsh in your interactions with people. The harshness may reflect in your communications also. If you want to avoid this, try to be reticent.

Your failures at work place will keep you on tenterhooks. Finding a way out seriously, you may turn fiery in attitude and give a dressing down to failing staff.

Investment issues may draw your attention. You may discuss your ideas and plans with familiar people or organisations to gain more clarity.

You may make serious attempts to amend your behaviour towards father or a fatherly person at home.

You may find it difficult to convince people on your ideas and expectations. People close to you may indicate you have become dreamy and are not working on practicalities.

the day will favour you if you are serious on repairing your strained relations. If you are really at fault, make amendments without hesitation and apologise to friends.

Just introspect if you are voluntary in your decisions or somebody convinced you into taking decisions. If it is voluntary, go ahead. But, don’t do things under pressure.

You will be under tremendous pressure to point out the mistakes of others. You may not worry that you will be singled out for pointing out the mistakes of higher-ups.

Don’t think too much of what is going to happen tomorrow but get ready mentally to face whatever happens during the day. Be practical.

If you have sidekicks moving around with you, you should take independent decisions instead of being guided by them. Be independent.

You will be very polite towards others and show innumerable bouts of patience in understanding others and instantly grasping the essence of their words.