You will try to prove that you are the stuff of learning new things from failures. You may be now sure that your new strategy will yield concrete results and people around will continue to talk about you. The whole day, you may get busy giving guidelines and passing orders to men and women on your future plans to prove you are the best strategist in your organisation.

You may find yourself losing powerful opportunities and your indecisiveness may be responsible for this. With Northern Node influencing your ruling quarters, you will fail to evaluate the worth of proposals coming your way from friends or business partners. There will be bigger meetings with big people but you may not succeed in grasping the essence.

It seems you are gradually coming out of the hangover of recent failures. You may be busy analysing reasons for repeated failures but don’t get angry if someone says that your reasons are very much illogical. You should have the courage to accept that you are only the reason for your poor performance. Let also others judge your performance in an impartial manner.

With the Sun moving into powerful regions of the natural zodiac, you will be highly comfortable in financial matters. There may be more additions to your bank balance as funds pour in from your son or daughter staying long distance. Your daily expenditure will also go up in tune with income levels as there may be high-end shopping visits to meet special needs.

With career indicator Venus coming under the influence of retrograde Saturn, you will find that your financial problems are weaning away gradually. You will find you have improved the resource base and fulfilled key commitments with the help of friends. Your association with men and women of influence may further consolidate financial status.

Are you adamant on seeking changes? The day is favourable to seek change of place or department in your organisation. With your ruling entity Mercury moving in the zone of comforts in the company of Sun, things will speed up for you. If you are seeking changes, meet higher-ups with a request or follow it up if you have already initiated the proceedings.

You may be playing a key role in events happening around you. But your mannerism, assertions and actions may look peculiar to people though you think you are very practical to the core. People working with you may develop doubts about your intention in spearheading your ideology among others. This may not be to your liking.

You may feel proud of your association with friends and cousins. With Venus still moving in the celestial zone of disgrace, a member of the fair sex will exercise full control over you and you can’t avoid fulfilling your promises to her. There are chances that you will borrow money from somebody to fulfil key commitments to her. You will strive hard.

With Mars and Northern Node together controlling your intelligence and thought process, your attitude will assume colours of envy. You may seriously think of the attire of people moving around you and feel like acquiring similar dresses. You may think others are looking better than you and attracting members of the opposite sex towards them.

The day’s celestial positions are indicative of speculative losses. If you are addicted to betting activity of any sort, the day can bring in heavy financial losses. Your addiction may land you in serious financial trouble causing dismay to your spouse and family members. Why don’t you think of giving up the habit for the future of your family?

As the southern node influences your money matters, your financial troubles seem to be not yet over. With benefactor Venus moving in the arena of loans, your bank loans or private borrowings may continue to give you sleepless nights. Your inability to make use of the already borrowed funds in a proper manner could be the reason for your present distress.

As Jupiter establishes a rich trine relationship with benefactor Mercury, you may pay concentration towards pending investment issues. You will get answers to nagging questions that prevented you from deciding on investment matters so far. You will become very confident about your decisions and you will see a bright future for your family.