Is OYO your go-to app whenever you book a room? Then, beware! Four people have been arrested in Uttar Pradesh’s Noida city recently for allegedly hiding cameras and recording intimate moments of couples staying in OYO Rooms.

According to a preliminary investigation done by the police, these people would then contact the couples and blackmail them to extort money.

Scary as it may sound, here are some precautions that couples can take to avoid tricky situations like these.

Switch off all the lights in your room and switch on the flashlight in your mobile phone to scan for any reflecting light from any corner. Take a thorough look at lamps, television, air-conditioners, and other gadgets, electronics, and decorative items in the room.

If you’re someone who travels a lot for work or personal reasons and is used to booking rooms frequently, it is better if you invest in hidden spy camera detectors available on shopping apps.

You can download apps on your phone that detect any recording devices in your room. Radarbot and Detectify are options.

If you feel doubtful about something in your room, either place a towel over it or immediately bring it to the attention of the staff/police.