You may be averse to undertake scheduled journey as you feel that is not your immediate priority. You may not mind postponing it as new priorities will keep you engaged.

You will enjoy complete peace and harmony at home and work place. In the evening, you may find time to attend social events with family and friends.

You must give up your dilly-dallying attitude and cultivate the habit of taking decisions on time for your good.

The day can exercise powerful negative influence on you if you are indulging in speculation activity.

Are you fed up with your old vehicle? You may think of replacing it with a brand new one.

With your attitude ruler Mars moving in Aquarius, your attitude will be silent and strong but you will look determined.

You may be preoccupied with domestic issues diverting your attention at work place. As a result, you will find it difficult to be enthusiastic.

Your love matters will take center stage and you may be preoccupied with thoughts of eliminating obstacles trespassing into your love matters.

It seems you are held up with a big dilemma reflecting your inability to decide on certain issues.

Spousal affections will rob your time. If your spouse is away from you, you may spend most of your day in a short journey or speaking on your mobile.

Friends and family members will stand by you in your efforts to make worthwhile investments.

Your whims and fancies will fly high and you will look determined on your mission for the day.