In tune with your plans for long-term professional growth, somebody among friends may play an important role in shifting your fortunes for the good. The graph of your emoluments may go up vertically causing you surprise. You may think of shifting your activity to a new domain.

If you plan to visit new places for the first time, examine the option of postponement. The day can be beneficial in the sense that, if you have lost your valuables somewhere in the recent past, you may get them back.

If you are from the fair sex, you may be misled by friends or colleagues in personal matters. As Mercury burns, you are prone to believe that friends are your well-wishers. It may not be true with all your friends. Check their credentials.

The day can be lucrative if you are related to the creative field.An important project or initiative may come your way and it depends on your ability to make use of it fully. You may think of tapping high-end projects.

Don’t be lethargic as you deal with the tasks at the workplace. With your ruling entity Sun receiving multiple influences, there may be new issues cropping up in the process of discharging your duties.

Your efforts to meet people at the appointed hour may fail. If meeting top officials is part of your day’s schedule, you may not be able to realise it. Feelings of despair may grip you as you can’t push forward your initiatives. You will end the day on an unhappy note.

Presence of multiple entities in your celestial home may allow your attitude to assume a sober and positive shade. As the day dawns, you will think of the tasks ahead and the resources available to you to fulfil them. You will make others very comfortable with your slow and steady policy.

The day can be a sort of turning point for good irrespective of your activity.  You may be sure that the results will be a stepping stone for your future success. But you must tune up your mind to face and accept whatever comes to you.

You will see a great future as your ambitions and dreams fly high. Your thought process will hang around enhancing your stocks in society. For this, in whatever sphere you are, set your targets or aims clearly and work towards fulfilling them in due course of time.

The day’s celestial influences show that influential guests may arrive at home. There may be visits to places of worship and spiritual importance and you will go all out to please the guests. You will create a festive atmosphere at home.

Despite your discouraging bank balance, you may think of replacing some of your old essentials with brand new ones to have a glorified look. You may tend to purchase new electronic or communication equipment satisfying your senses. But check if you are erring on immediate priorities.

If you are a member of the fair sex, you should be courageous enough to deal with such people. If somebody is running after you and harassing you in the name of love, lodge a complaint with law enforcing agencies. Face the issue with gusto and confidence.