Developing envy against others who have made a mark on social media, you may think of adopting innovative methods in the process of surpassing their records and establishing your supremacy.

You may be appreciated by friends for not treating challenges as challenges but treating them as opportunities from which you can grow and spread into new vistas. You may rejoice in the comments of appreciation that you are unique in every respect.

If you are expecting arrival of guests from long-distance places, their delayed arrival may keep you on tenterhooks. If other schedules of the day are linked to the guests’ arrival, you may need to reschedule some of the day’s programmes.

Your obstinacy may allow others to fault you at the workplace and even at home too. You must learn that your desires should not necessarily be the desires of others and your nature of imposing your will on others would be vehemently opposed.

Your unwillingness to share some of your creativity with others may be resented directly or indirectly by people who in the past never hesitated to share their work with you. Some of your colleagues may teach you lessons of reciprocity.

You will make good money if you are related to betting activity but your temptations may result in losing the speculative gains. Your idea of directing speculative gains towards safe investments may not move ahead.

Has the love bug bitten you? To your dismay, you may face unusual developments in love matters.  Being gripped by the fear of facing failures in love matters, you may try to reach out to your heartthrob.

Are you a creative person involved in writing activity? You will hear some encouraging tidings that may brighten talents in your sphere of activity. You may decide to participate in a writing contest that would turn your fortunes for the better.

With your attitude ruler Saturn getting involved in a trine relationship with retrograde Mars, you will find the day encouraging but there are chances of first rated crooks approaching you promising great things. Someone may approach you making illogical promises in return for something. You may be tempted by such quid-pro-quo offers for good or bad.

If you are an independent professional, you will realise that it has been several days since you had a peaceful meal. Your inability to bring about desired changes at the workplace may irk you. Your work will draw silent appreciation from all.

If you are a government employee expecting more responsibilities to be entrusted to you, it may materialise. If you are in big business and expecting to clinch big deals, you will succeed.

You may be busy finding out the persons responsible for such a development rather than opting for introspection on what you have done. Don’t try to cover your mistakes if you are guilty of indulging in wrong doings.