Are you stranded somewhere on a foreign soil due to factors beyond your control? The day’s celestial influences suggest that you will make new friends irrespective of your location and the new friends may hail from your motherland. .

In money matters and social relations, you will prove your morale is high. With Mars taking control of your wealth and savings, things will move as per expectations and you will witness your bank balance inflating quietly.

Domestic problems which you think are solved may come to the fore again and your spouse may remind you of your responsibility to attend to them with strong determination. It would be better if you initiate concrete steps to find permanent solutions to the issues tormenting your family.

You may begin worrying about your efforts going down the drain. Without assessing the cracks in your actions, you may turn inpatient and blame others for disappointing results. Impatience will rule you.

As you move with unlimited liberty and energy, your rivals will be at your mercy. Enemies may be very much moving in front of you seeking generosity from you. In fact, you may be very generous but your urge to teach them strong lessons may keep you restless.

The day promises to be resourceful and informative. People surrounding you will add more energy to your decisions and actions. New people, who once hesitated on joining hands with you, will now be ready to form part of your organisation.

It seems you are down with a strong feeling of being singled out for repeated lapses in your organisation. Fed up with the attitude of higher ups, you may think in favour of quitting and exploring alternative sources of revenue. But these feelings may evaporate as the day progresses and you will see the reality looming large. You may change your thoughts.

Spicing up social relations and giving priority to attending events, you will think of friends. You will enjoy killing time with friends and partying. You will find fun in meeting members of the opposite sex and enjoying leisure time. As you don’t bother about missing key appointments, you will have enough time for pre scheduled shopping activity.

You will be out of mood as you learn about the deteriorating health condition of one of your friends. The person may be emotionally attached to you and it may be difficult for you to digest the news. You may visit a hospital to see your friend undergoing treatment for major health problems.

This is the best day for you to opt for documentation of your sweet memories and achievements in life. You will succeed in efforts in signing professional agreements and finding solutions to personal issues at home.

You will have reasons to be jubilant and keep your morale on high pedestal. There might be long distance phone calls from near and dear ones and you may hear great things about friends or cousins. This may be something that you are looking for all these days.

You may be clearly at the receiving end from family elders at home and it may cause you embarrassment. Your mother or a motherly person may ask you to learn key lessons from friends who have recently achieved success in their activity.