There will be complete peace and harmony in relations with others. If you are involved in activity gaining daily revenues, monetary gains may witness an upward trend. It will be hectic for independent professionals. You may think the week is productive.

You will know that youngsters in the family are going places and growing in stature while getting name and fame in their spheres of activity. The entire family will be in a festive mood.

Your efforts to be secretive, hold secret parleys with partners and take secret decisions may run into rough weather. You will find people opposing you and you’ll find it difficult to come out with a logical explanation in support of your actions. However, you may decide to go ahead.

Sudden happenings at the workplace may show you in poor light this week. Misunderstandings may mar peaceful relations as you are inclined to treat a few colleagues with an inimical attitude. Despite others being apologetic for their actions, you may not reconcile to realities.

Your dedication will reach peaks and your work will draw appreciation. Women colleagues may be more vocal in praising your intelligence and commitment. This may be something you expected and it will bring you immense satisfaction.

You may feel you have made a mistake in drifting from the main profession and taking up a subsidiary activity aiming big. You will find you have not made much headway in new activity and may think of disassociating yourself with it and resuming old activity.

Love and affections will draw your attention this week. A critical review of your proposals will open new vistas and possibilities to shape up your love life. Happiness will pervade your thoughts and actions. At the workplace, you may be flooded with opportunities.

You may be sure that you have perfectly planned for your initiatives and timely arrangements are in place. But unknown and hidden flaws will create hurdles to your tendency of being adventurous. Don’t backtrack on your initiatives but try to fix the flaws.

If you want to repay loans or apply for fresh loans, you are advised to initiate necessary steps. Your daughter may come to your rescue but should be clear about priorities. Do you know how you are going to spend freshly borrowed funds?

Your communication skills will help friends understand you and move in tune with your ideology. Your magnetic power is such that no one can come out of your influence once fallen into it. But, as the week progresses, you may also feel attracted towards a member of the opposite sex.

You will feel that your valuable time and energies are being wasted for no reason. If you are an aged person, you will be looked after well by family members. You may visit serene places seeking mental peace and fulfilling spiritual urges.

You will get ample time to spend with kids at home this week. If possible, try to take your little kids shopping to buy toys or dresses.Your photos with the little ones may go viral on social media.