Developing envy against others who have made a mark on social media, you may think of adopting innovative methods in the process of surpassing their records and establishing your supremacy.

Try to be practical as much as possible in your endeavours and dealings with people. If you can’t avoid being tempted to act as per your pre-conceived notions, you may be at the losing end.

Retrogression of Mars in your ruling quarters may multiply your troubles. If you are related to business, you may cancel key deals at the eleventh hour.

With your benefactor Mars set to take full control of your desires, you will turn passionate giving big boost to your whims and fancies.

With Northern Node continuing to influence your inimical zone, your relations may be on the rock. You may run into heated arguments and counter-arguments with siblings leading to misunderstandings.

You may fall short of reaching targets at workplace and higher-ups may teach you lessons on how to avoid that. At home, you may get irritated over internal squabbles and your efforts to cool the temperatures may not yield results.

While complete peace and harmony prevails at home, you may struggle at workplace with the tasks not making much headway. If you are in government service, you may be asked to deal with certain files again and again by higher-ups.

You may develop a tendency to work in leisure without caring much for the deadlines. But adopting an easy-going attitude may land you in trouble. Because of your lazy attitude, you may buy new problems at workplace.

With Mercury settling down in Sagittarius, you may not have enough time to think of your immediate needs. However, your spouse may remind you of your pending visit to a general physician.

Are you running out of time to complete an important task abandoned by you midway recently? You will get plenty of time and opportunities to finish the task successfully. The only thing you need to do is pay attention to the finer points of the task.

You must be brimming with ideas for implementing necessary initiatives to make yourself more acceptable in your circle of friends and relatives. If you are heading an organisation, your concern would be on moving closer to people working under you.

With Mars and Sun-afflicted Mercury settling down in Sagittarius, your services will be in fresh demand from old and new customers as well.