Your logical skills and convincing abilities will be put to litmus test. You may want to ensure that more and more people will fall in line with you and follow you at workplace. 

You will be your usual self exhibiting excellent commanding skills and leadership qualities. You would be energetic and fast in your activity and want others also to be the same. 

You may look tired with hectic schedules of work. If you are a celebrity, you must be longing to visit home after a busy schedule of tough work. You may be the most sought-after celebrity in your sphere of activity but you must also take care of your physical health.

It is high time that you acted on your mission without further delay. If you are heading an organisation or department, you will realise that you are inadvertently delaying your decisions on important matters for reasons of trifle nature.

You will have complete peace and tranquility at home and workplace. If you are involved in any sort of technical activity, you will act with perfect understanding of things. 

Feeling flexible, you may think you are capable of assuming new roles depending on circumstances. You may be under pressure to accompany friends to private parties or other social events. 

Despite having limited number of friends, you will feel you have a big circle of friends and your friends are your family. You will find it apt to share your good and bad with them and seek suggestions.

Is someone angry with you and showing his / her impatience towards you? You may be alone responsible for the development and you should introspect to know where and how you have gone wrong. 

You may try to be friendly with people irritating you and pleasing you as well. You will maintain a perfect equilibrium between the two as you discharge your chores at home and workplace. You may have guests and it may please you.

The day will help you prepare yourself for the tasks ahead, irrespective of their nature. If you are preparing for competitive exams, you will find it exciting as you get useful tips from seniors. 

 If you are connected to writing in any way, demand for your services may go up further. You will look enthusiastic.

It is high time that you took proper steps for furthering your career. It seems you are not caring much for advancing in profession while leaving things to their fate.