Things may seem to be within your reach but they can slip out of your control at the eleventh hour. You may miss key appointments or fail to meet key commitments. Disappointment will creep in and you will feel very bad  about it.

If you have strained relations with friends and cousins over money matters, you may be under pressure to improve them. You may get an earful from family elders, especially from father, to repair your relations. Don’t you think it is necessary?

The day will be good in most respects. You may successfully try to maintain balance between stressful work schedules and domestic pressures. There will be good communications from friends staying on a foreign soil.

You will find things moving on the right track for you. You may be thinking of expanding your business or professional network with the support of banks or financial institutions but friends too will expend great support for your initiatives.

Unknowingly, you may develop an attitude of enmity towards your own people and start suspecting them. You may turn vindictive towards people who have troubled you and this may be your priority for the day. You may be on the lookout for tough guys who can handle special tasks. However, new suspicious characters may try to meet you.

Do you feel that your spousal relation is missing the flavour of harmony? You will find your spouse highly aggressive and unyielding on issues that you are involved in. You will have to face many questions from your spouse.

But your shrewdness and determination in fighting back will remain intact. With your talents growing in abundance, you will deem it fit to apply backdoor methods to confuse your rivals. You will leave no stone unturned.

Are you trying to come out of financial stress with the help of colleagues and friends? No one at the workplace may consider your problems as genuine and this could be one of the reasons for your distress. Your friends and colleagues may find it hard to believe you.

Instead of continuing with short-term plans, you may think of opting for long-term plans and objectives. Accordingly, you may go for a reassessment of your resources and manpower for taking appropriate decisions.

With benefactor Venus continuing blissful journey in the celestial zone of emotions, you will have to deal with members of the fair sex mostly. You may be surrounded by women at your workplace. If you are on a journey, women members may accompany you and if you are giving a speech, your listeners may be mostly women. Women would be your world.

You may, no doubt, be a person in a hurry in general. But don’t hurry to decide on spousal issues. Spousal relations are always delicate and you must handle them with care. As you are prone to take spur-of-the-moment decisions, you are advised not to act in haste.

You may extend a helping hand with a good heart to someone who might have helped you in the past. As you believe in reciprocation, your benevolence will give you satisfaction. You will feel it is your moral obligation.