Despite your efforts, colleagues will try to drag you into displaying loyalties to this side or that side. The day’s developments may try to test your abilities to stay neutral in disputes. Try to stick to your opinions.

You are therefore advised not to allow anyone to exploit the flaws in your behaviour. If you are involved in controversies with colleagues, avoid discussing the issues with others or visiting friends. Keep a low profile during the day.

If you are a college-going learner, you may join new computer courses with a view to acquire programming skills. Even if you are a working technician, you will decide in favour of learning more advanced courses. If you are a skills trainer, your services will be on more demand.

The day has the potential to cause injuries to small babies. If you have kids at home, keep a watch on their movements, not leaving them alone. If you are journeying with kids, take necessary precautions. If your kid is already injured, he or she may receive injuries at the same place again.

The day looks highly productive and favourable but take care to ensure that you are not deviating from mainstream work. Keep off sharp instruments during the day.

To your pleasant surprise, you will find that the worth of your investments has multiplied. You may feel you should have invested more in similar areas. You may develop hypothetical thinking, making calculations and whiling away your valuable time.

You will find your worth and value going up a number of times as more and more people seek your services. As benefactor Saturn injects its powerful influence on your ruling quarters, new people will also come in contact with you.

The day can bring in good news about your daughter or a daughterly girl staying with you. If she is on the lookout for employment, she may be flooded with offers from more than two organisations. If you are an employment seeker yourself, you will receive favourable communications from people concerned.

You may bask in the glory of brotherly and sisterly relations. You will find younger and elder siblings in the best of their elements. Even your friends and colleagues too would be in a jovial mood. You may visit friends or siblings for sort of family get-togethers or parties.

The very activity that has given you the present status in society seems to be facing your negligence. Either you are basking in the glory of your recent success or you are unknowingly drifting away from the main area of responsibility.

The day would be good if you are in search of a job. If you plan to meet someone in connection with your work, go ahead with your initiative. If you expect to get concrete results for your efforts, you will hear great things.

The day will be harsh on you if you are pursuing love matters. If you plan to meet your sweetheart and say something important, you may not be able to do so. Even if you are able to meet your partner, your concerns or proposals may not carry conviction.