It seems you are strongly pursuing dollar dreams like your friends. You may attend educational seminars or visit information centers to get the latest information. Long distance phone conversations may clear nauseating doubts. You will begin to think of future activity on alien land.

You may receive pleasant communication from younger siblings in tune with your expectations but it is your responsibility to reciprocate such moves and settle issues peacefully. Don’t be intransigent but try to be flexible in personal interactions or phone conversations.

You may feel you are under surveillance of law enforcers and need to put a full stop to secret activities.Your activities may be money-spinning but you may feel you are indulging in illegal activity.

People around may say that you have lost your original temperament and need to energise yourself to attend to the tasks lying ahead. But why are you so nonchalant towards growing responsibilities? You have to spare time to discharge your domestic duties.

Are you feeling heavily burdened with multiple responsibilities at work? It may be true that you are asked to deal with a plethora of activities simultaneously in your organisation. Higher-ups might have entrusted you with new responsibilities keeping confidence in your abilities.

Your urge to extend support to most of the people around will keep you on a high pedestal but resource mobilisation can turn out to be your major problem. Have you ever given it a thought?

If you are a team leader, you will also try to energise the feelings of your team members and instill confidence in them. You will not allow the marks of fatigue to appear on your face. It could be a testing day for you.

You will send out signals that you are on a success streak and you are going ahead with your initiatives with full confidence and energy. If you are into public affairs, your presence may be required by a few individuals or groups of people at important events. It will be hectic for you.

More avenues will be at your disposal and you will have to choose one among growing options. Combined influence of Mars and Northern Node on the Sun is an indication of more men and women joining hands with you.

You may be in for some sort of trouble, small or big. If you are habituated to frequenting liquor joints, you may land yourself in a mess. Don’t drive your vehicle in inebriated condition as there are chances of your being caught red-handed for violation of rules.

You will be on the lookout to know the possibilities of shifting to a different place or activity for a better future. You may be flooded with vague ideas, but it would be difficult for you to arrive at final decisions that can give you a better future.

It seems you have become active again after a long gap. But you may behave in such a way that people around will fail to assess your real intentions. Your decisions will look peculiar for most people moving with you.