You may be expecting great things to happen enabling you to fulfil your commitments of the day. But things may worsen further bringing new tensions. You may depend on a person who you think is most undependable. You will face embarrassment.

You may set your eyes on effecting changes in your activity. But are you prepared to adopt the changes you are seeking? Has the desire come from your heart? You may have set your priorities for a change following the footsteps of your friends.

Are you planning to enroll new friends as partners into your activity? The day will offer you new opportunities to explore new business relationships even as you try to dispense with existing contacts. But before taking up new initiatives, try to analyse what and where went wrong with your present partnerships to correct yourself in future.

The day’s celestial influences may bring in good news related to the academic affairs of your siblings or cousins residing at long-distance places. Their achievements will keep you happy and energetic. If you are an independent professional, you may learn great secrets pertaining to your activity.

Are your angry and impatient postures irking others? You may be faulted for your questionable attitude. At official meetings or get-togethers, provocations may result in sudden outbursts at colleagues or participants.  Keep aside anger and try to be diplomatic.

If you have several credit cards at your disposal, you may feel like going on a shopping spree at expensive shopping malls. If you want to avoid credit card troubles, plan your priorities and move with requisite funds, and not with credit cards on shopping visits.

You will succeed in convincing others on issues of importance. But with retrograde Mars influencing Mercury from Gemini, you may be untruthful and your statements may consist of half-baked truths. As you succeed in your efforts, people will fall for you and you will greatly think of your abilities.

If you are heading a department or organisation, you may be entrusted with additional responsibilities to look after more complex issues. To cope with busy schedules, begin your day with meditation or visiting a nearby temple. Don’t lose cool in personal or official interactions.

It can be an interesting day for you if you are on a distant land away from your near and dear ones. There may be fruitful communications from parents or younger siblings. You may come to know that an auspicious event is taking place in your family. The day will boost up your spirits and keep you happy. You will end it on a happy note.

Are members of the fair sex part of your dispensation?If you have a tiff with any of them, the issue may come to the fore again and assume alarming proportions. You are, therefore, advised to avoid all sorts of risky dealings with women for the sake of your honour.

Tricky issues will keep bothering you but your problems may have a source of their origin in your attitude. The way you treat the people around and the way you attend to issues may be under scrutiny. The day may displease you in speculation matters.

Thinking of entering into a different activity, you may sit tight waiting for a great opportunity. Funds and other resources may not be a problem for you. If you are working for others, you may be under pressure to fulfil key tasks on an emergency basis.