You may bump into people with appreciable credentials. This can be the day you are waiting for and you may take full advantage of the situation. It seems your only aim is to seek moral and logistics support from people around.

As you look serious and eager to implement your plans and ideas, you may find it easy to take them forward in a full-fledged manner. With good support coming in from people around, you will become active in every respect. You will end the day on a happy note.

You may also inadvertently use abusive language against colleagues at the workplace or family members at home. There may be long-distance phone calls from cousins or friends over pending financial matters. You will recognise the need to settle certain money-related aspects.

You may become highly emotional over issues haunting you. But what is important is that you should exhibit your feelings openly before others. Instead of becoming emotional and reacting late to events, you should take a practical approach at events and happenings.

With value-enhancer Mercury moving into its own celestial regions of your zodiac, you will move from hypocrisy to straightforwardness and from dual nature to a direct approach.  People who once disliked you may begin liking you for a special reason.

Spousal issues may dominate the day for you. Try to recollect the promises you made to your spouse as even little negligence on your part may irritate your partner. With Mars controlling spousal attitude, you may find your spouse aggressive.

Despite the graph of your bank balance looking downwards, you may go ahead with smaller commitments for the day.  Big deals and major financial commitments will not be your priority. You will find it necessary to attend to immediate ones.

This can be one of the most powerful days for you as your social status may reach peaks. Irrespective of your nature of work, things will move for you on a top priority and people in high positions may think of you.

Being a workaholic, you may look very tired and toy with the idea of taking a short or long holiday. You will surely feel suffocated but your inability to avoid answering such calls will keep you work bound.

Thoughts of giving up your present profession to take up an activity alien to you may grip you.  But don’t take momentary decisions. You can make a decision if the thoughts persist for a few days more.

Instead of exploring further deep into their activity, you may quickly form opinions and take instant decisions. You may do this unconscious of the possible negative consequences that surround you at home and workplace.

Someone may point out that you are not consistent in your views. Yet some others may say that you are a hypocrite. If you don’t want to be branded so, you should maintain consistent views all the way.