Don’t let your children deal with major issues on their own. Tender a gentle advice to them to ensure that they wouldn’t take independent decisions. If you have grown up girls at home, they may convey pleasant news for you about their career.

The day will force you to make some sudden decisions. Fed up with your present physician treating one of your family members, you may think of changing him / her. If your kid is undergoing home tuition, you are likely to appoint a new home tutor.

Despite your seniority at the workplace, you may face hurdles in discharge of your responsibilities. Unnecessary issues or discussions may crop up in your working hours resulting in unexpected quarrelling.

With heavy celestial activity going on in inimical regions of the natural zodiac, sudden good things may take place in your favour at the workplace. You may be shifted to your chosen department or to a section which will bring you high recognition.

It can be a busy day for you as you spend most of your time travelling and attending meetings. Sharing ideas and proposals with business partners will give a new impetus to your activity.

Disturbed relations with near and dear ones may spoil your moods. You may fail to arrive at decisions on taking forward your moves to normalise relations. You will be in big confusion not knowing what to do on serious suggestions emanating from well-wishers to accept compromise moves from estranged life partners. You may have a restless day.

Spare enough time for your health concerns. Don’t get excited for each and everything as the day’s celestial influences are poised to cause you headache / shoulder pain. If migraine frequents you, you should take extra precaution to keep it under control.

The day will keep you happy as your father looks set to improve health. There may be the arrival of guests to see him and you may receive a flurry of phone calls inquiring about his health. If your father is away in a distant land, you will receive good news about him.

Dwindling revenues will keep you worried and you may be preoccupied with a plethora of thoughts on how to improve the inflow of income. On the other hand, your expenditure will go up manifold. You may fail in fulfilling some of your key commitments.

Failure on certain matters may haunt you throughout the day and you may curse yourself for being disfavoured by God. All your high aspirations and ambitions may blow away due to external influences which are beyond your control. Surely, you would be a worried person.

Good health, comfortable financial position and peaceful homely atmosphere will keep you highly confident and positive. However, if you are a businessperson, there might be some setbacks in the shape of cancellation of contracts or orders.

The day’s celestial influences are poised to improve your condition if you are sick. If you are undergoing treatment in a hospital, you are likely to be discharged. On the other hand, you may find yourself in an embarrassing situation due to the involvement of your son or daughter in some sort of nasty activity.