Review your actions and introspect over your decisions to the minutest detail looking for flaws. You will find one or two at least. Find ways to remove those flaws and try to get good results next time.

Quick decisions may stem in your mind to put you on wrong or right path. Before you take the plunge, just see whether such changes are necessary at all for you.

You will exercise your authority in full control not willing to compromise on anything at workplace. With fresh ideas and good planning, you will lead your men and women successfully and reach targets for the day. 

You will walk the extra mile to prove that you have changed by doing something concrete. You may want to make others believe you.

You will have complete command on your finances and attend to the day’s commitments on time. 

Turning very sensitive, you may become conscious of your health and opt to change your food habits as per physician’s advice. 

You will feel that you have wasted your energies, efforts and money for a useless job. You will, however, spare time for reviewing where and how you have gone wrong.

You may discuss various ideas with close friends on outsmarting your rivals. A strong urge will besiege you that you should urgently do something.

You are bound to feel that you are advancing yourself in life with the solid backing of well-wishers.

The day can bring to the fore your strained spousal issues. If you are not in proper terms with your spouse, distance may widen further. You are, therefore, advised not to take matters to the brink through illogical arguments over trifles.

You may attend family functions or social events with spouse and children. Short or long-distance travels for business purposes are good.

How long is it since you experienced romance with your partner? Keep your partner or sweetheart in good humor by keeping your date and visiting serene places for a change