As new thoughts hit your mind, you may turn philosophical and find time to attend lectures or seminars on issues of spirituality or on the lives of philosophers.

But it would be better if you play straight at the workplace avoiding useless arguments in official interactions. Don’t let others provoke you in any way. The more you observe restraint in your statements, the better it would be for you.

There may be the arrival of funds from your son or daughter living abroad forcing you to design new priorities. It may bring about a sea change in your attitude towards your children. You will end the day on a satisfying note.

You may be happy with your mission and the progress it has made. You will feel great about what you have done, what you are doing now and what you are aiming at in the immediate future but the people around may not exhibit the same enthusiasm.

You may be preoccupied with professional matters but your love or extra-marital matters may also take centre stage. You may be in touch with your sweetheart and discuss plans and ideas to help improve relations.

The day is powerful enough to fulfill your dreams. But the results depend on your attitude and how you look at things. You should also be able to make others see logic in your assertions and actions  as much as you see.

You may feel you are losing mental peace at home day by day. But do you know you are also partially responsible for your present plight at home? If you are in the habit of opposing your spouse for each and everything, give it up at once.

With heavy celestial activity going on in your intelligence zone, you may fumble at work and submit wrong presentations leading to dissatisfaction on the part of superiors. Tempers may flare up leading to unnecessary arguments and acrimony.

You may be busy with your activity but you will find it prudent to skip work and attend to her. It may look tedious going hither and thither but the day will end on a high note of satisfaction. The ladies will be elated.

It may be the right time for you to pay attention to your pet dog. It may sulk seeking your personal attention and refuse food right away. How long has it been since you personally cared for it? Your continuous absence at home may have irked the pet and it could be the reason for its sulking.

There may be an occasion to celebrate an event at home and guests may visit you with gifts. The occasion could be the birthday of your little son or daughter. With your financial status being healthy, you will not hesitate to spend money to please your spouse, kids and guests.

You may think that you can handle the strains in a relationship at a later date but things may go out of control if you delay. Skip your work, meet your sweetheart and try to sort out things in confidence. It will be a productive day.