Overload of work may force you to miss key appointments. Restless activity and lack of sufficient sleep may down your spirits and morale.

You may witness your spouse and family members playing an active role and sharing your professional work this week.

Lack of proper sleep due to overloads of work may keep you dull this week. Despite that, you will think deeply about your tasks.

Your dynamism, workmanship and leadership qualities will be in full force and you will display diligence in making use of the opportunities coming your way.

You will find there is less cooperation from well-wishers and resource persons. You may try to explore reasons for their change of attitude.

You may not be intentional in making or breaking your relations but you may face situations downgrading your existing relations. If you can handle the situations with diplomacy and positive thinking, your gestures will be reciprocated.

If you have lost the rhythm recently, you may regain it this week. You may also recapture your preeminent position among colleagues. If you are active on social media, more friends may join you.

If you are into adventurous activities like trekking, you may embark on a new mission with like-minded people. You will look very confident and courageous.

Your sphere of activity and pursuits may face an identity crisis and you may be under pressure to prove professional credentials. With Mars calling shots, you may face technical obstacles also It can be a difficult week for you.

You may be at loggerheads with elders in your family or some senior colleagues. You are advised to be cautious in dealing with others. Don’t allow your temper to rise high.

You may be generous, smiling and obedient in personal or professional interactions. But you may be misunderstood by friends due to communication gaps.

Displaying skills of negotiation and flexibility, you will add more sparks and qualities to your actions. You will be authoritative and assertive in what you express and do.