You will be keen on taking forward your initiatives by hook or crook. While you are determined to move ahead with your ideas, your IQ may advise you to review your proposals and drop the ones which are not feasible in most respects.

Your financial status could be normal with the graph of your bank balance remaining steady. If you are running out of funds to meet priority commitments, siblings would be ready to come to your rescue.

Are you dragging your feet without taking decisions on key issues? Irrespective of the reasons for your inaction, you may send out signals you are not serious on implementing your initiatives

Emotional transit of Venus in your discomforts zone will keep you highly passionate. You may deem it fit to be aggressive in your pursuit of sensual pleasures and you will not mind wasting away funds or valuable time in the process.

Are you enjoying the fruits of your labor? This is good but it seems you are hesitant to share your success with others. If you continue to bask in the glory of your success alone, others would not know how you worked hard to come to your present stage.

It seems you are worried about professional rivalries. You may feel that others are trying to outsmart you and this may force you to think of doing something that gives you an upper hand. But they may not give you enough time and opportunity to outsmart them.

If you are in live-in relationship and engaged in acrimony, you may run into violent arguments with your partner. If your relationship has already soured, the day can leave behind some bitter memories which you can’t cherish. So, be cautious of what you do.

You may be the chosen one to lead special responsibilities at workplace. But have you ever observed that higher ups have entrusted you key tasks abandoned by others in the past? This may be because of the fact that you have the ability to handle multi-tasking.

Are you striving to take key investment decisions in consultation with siblings? This can be a good idea but with multi-planetary activity taking place in Cancer, you should be ready to deal with different shades of opinions.

Adventurous thoughts will keep you robust and you will move with an irrevocable bout of confidence in carrying out your initiatives. Buoyed by open support of friends and officials, you may tend to feel that you are on the right path and doing right things.

Till now, you may be aggressive and polite but from now on, you may be both aggressive and vindictive. You will be conscious of your attitude and of what you are going to do in the next  two days.

You may be undecided on opportunities knocking at door step. Going by your nature, you may be confused on making best use of them. But your mind would be heavily tuned in to professional issues.