You will feel that your nature of work is in tune with your ambitions. You may be invited to speak at a seminar / event connected with your activity. However, if you are in the habit of eating outside food, you are advised to avoid it for the day.

Are you worried about deteriorating relations with cousins and friends? With your social relations coming under the powerful influence of retrograde Saturn, your image among people moving around may take a beating.

Your efforts to inject new ideology into the system around and create new hope among the people around will get a big boost. People who appreciated you earlier will find more reasons to praise you further.

From aggressiveness to softness, you must have journeyed a lot to realise that nothing can be done in a hurry. Your thought-provoking nature and logical explanations will keep people guessing a lot.

You may leave no stone unturned to cope with the day’s commitments and also to ensure that your activity goes on uninterrupted. You may try exploring internal and external options to raise funds to meet targets. You will prove you are capable enough.

You may worry that the number of your competitors is gradually growing and they are out to create troubles for you. This must have irked your bête-noirs who are leaving no stone unturned to defame you quickly.

You may visit fun-filled joints with friends to make merry. If you are a business professional on holiday at a faraway place, you may look for costly pleasure spots and the day will be yours.

You may strongly feel you have given an impression that you are maintaining a low profile all these days. But as a responsible person running your organisation on business lines, you may be silently working on initiatives to reach  targets on time.

You may be in a hurry to make instant decisions. But with Northern Node heavily influencing your career matters, you are advised to judge the possible consequences leisurely and then decide.targets on time.

Facing the pressure of solving a controversy involving college-going youngsters at home, you may strive to counsel them into changing their behaviour. But you need to be diplomatic to end the controversy.

Relations with people will constitute a major part of your thinking evolution. You may work on concrete plans to improve your equation with others. At the workplace, you will spare time to reciprocate the gestures of colleagues appropriately.

With communications signifier Mercury moving in its own regions of the zodiac under the influence of Northern Node, you may get phone calls or emails from bankers or financial institutions offering you loans. Don’t get tempted by such offers but assess your actual requirement for loans. If you really need funds, go for them. Or else, don’t entertain  the calls.