It will be a tension-free day for you in financial matters and you will enjoy going out with family and friends and visiting carnivals

You may come in contact with men and women of artistic talents and you will feel elated with your new acquaintances

Facing paucity of funds, you may make concerted efforts to mobilise funds from your friends and cousins

Lucrative offers may come your way and family members may feel elated over the development

It seems you are being haunted by suspicions. You should give up the habit of suspecting or questioning family members for each and every thing

You will cherish long-term dreams and attend entertainment events. If you are in business, make use of the opportunity by discussing key issues with friends

Confusion will mark your day’s operations and things will move at a snail’s pace

Your spouse and children would be your world and you may all go out on spiritual trips attending religious rituals conducted by spiritual people

You will be strong in mind and rigid in attitude in dealing with people. Try to be practical and accept facts as they are for your good

You may feel ashamed that the volume of pending tasks at workplace is growing day by day

Enjoying best of your conjugal bliss, you will share business ideas with your spouse and seek suggestions. You will begin and end the day on a happy note

The day is good to attend to health issues. If you have kept health issues of aged persons pending, especially women folk, attend them on a priority basis