You will feel that your nature of work is in tune with your ambitions. You may be invited to speak at a seminar / event connected with your activity. However, if you are in the habit of eating outside food, you are advised to avoid it for the day.

Do you have a readymade plan to counter them? Unfortunately, you will have to deal with people who are much younger to you and lower in status. Try to be diplomatic in your replies and tackle issues.

You will spend more time with your heartthrob and there may be intense and intimate discussions on consolidating your relationship. It seems a family event will bring you much closer.

You will be overwhelmed with an uptrend in daily revenues. There will be no more glitches in official dealings and if you are awaiting clearances for your initiatives, you will get them right away.  Short travels for domestic purposes are good.

You may sign new agreements with entities planning to make use of your popularity. If you are an upcoming celebrity, you may find it apt to give media interviews. If you belong to the fair sex, you may attend an event. Long-distance phone calls will bring you happy news.

Your attitude will be melancholic and you may tend to keep off family members. Suppression of emotions and feelings may spoil your mental health leading to wrong decisions on your part. The day will keep you unhappy in many respects.

Do you think your association of people having an unscrupulous attitude is bothering you? You may now feel that you have blundered by associating with people who have no qualms in adopting short-cut and indirect methods to promote self-interests.

You will realise that friends are coming forward with suggestions on how you should behave or organise yourself. But don’t be in a hurry to transform overnight. Just assess if you are not your real self or if you are going overboard to please or displease others.

Your thought-process may become faulty and your decisions can go wrong. As too many cooks spoil the broth, you are prone to be subject to different pulls and pressures in mind and this may take away your pleasure.

You may assert that you are not guided by mala-fide intentions by revealing certain things that may embarrass others. But the fact is that you may want to embarrass your target people despite knowing well your remarks would give them sleepless nights.

Don’t run after old issues or disputes that would take away your valuable time and energy. Your colleagues may try to divert your attention by discussing forgotten or useless topics but don’t pay heed to such assertions.

If your spouse is living away from you, you may undertake a visit to see him / her. The very thought of the visit will keep you enthusiastic and energetic. You may be eager to share lots of things with your spouse.