Your emotions and passions will guide your activity as you conveniently keep off logical thought-process. In taking decisions at workplace or home, your love and affections will rule the roost and you may not mind the immediate consequences of your decisions. Not surprisingly, your bank balance may show reduced figures at the end of  the day.

With Southern Node influencing your attitude, you will crave for new things, look for new relationships and visit new places. You may feel that you are passing through routine chores while some of your friends are establishing new relationships and widening their circle. But first, assess yourself if you are really in need of new relationships.

You may feel your love matters are of utmost importance for you. You may look concerned that you are unable to move forward and consolidate your relationship. But the day’s celestial influences can bring in excellent harmony in your relations and you are advised to do your best to make use of them. You are set to take a big leap forward.

As Mars and Southern Node take control of your communications and attitude respectively, you may turn harsh towards people around. They may easily find out that you are guided by different moods and your irritation is at peaks. Try to maintain a low profile and speak less if you want to avoid disgrace. Or else, you may be hated by others.

Stress and short temperament will keep you in a low profile. You may try to finish additional work entrusted within the given time frame despite your lack of interest. You may be guided by a strong feeling that you are singled out to tackle additional loads of work. You will feel that you are discriminated by higher-ups for egoistic and other reasons.

To believe or not to believe people around could be your dilemma and it may force you to procrastinate on major decisions. New questions about colleagues or new suspicions about friends will keep you hooked to a flurry of thoughts. You will not mind postponing decisions irrespective of the consequences. Give up the habit of thinking too much over trifles.

You feel that you have entered a new phase in life. That could no doubt be true to some extent. You will explore the options unveiling before you but you should be careful enough in handling situations happening around. Take own decisions on key issues without depending on others.

It seems you are best known for entertaining fixed opinions about people moving around and happenings taking place in your surroundings. Take care to ensure that your opinions would not hurt others around you.

You will push yourself into a competitive mood. Your adventurous spirit will come to the fore and you may want to do certain things that you never thought of. You may meet people who are not in your priority list and buy new reading stuff that becomes your hot favourite for the next few days.

You may long for new relations and think of using social media platforms to enhance your circle of friends. But are you running short of friends now? It seems you have enough friends now but you are not doing anything to consolidate your relations. Don’t you think it is odd for you to look for new friends from unknown places?

The day can be weak in most respects for you. Notwithstanding your dedication, there will be no clarity for you in pursuing targets. Contrary to your natural quality of being quick in taking decisions and responding to others, you may be slow at workplace. Deeply confused about pursuing your ambitions, you may cancel pre-scheduled journeys.

Unnecessary arguments, even fiery at times, may creep into your general interactions with friends or colleagues. The day has high potential to make you think that you are being provoked by people for unnecessary reasons. This may happen due to differences with friends / colleagues on purposeless issues. Preserve your words for best occasions.