Northern Node’s influence on financial matters can cause unexpected expenditure at home. Despite getting accustomed to spending money to meet sudden requirements, you may feel that somebody is trying to exploit you and take advantage of your weaknesses. 

But your penchant to be controversial at times may force you to make illogical and questionable statements. It would be better if you are conscious of what you speak in your personal or official interactions.

There may be pleasant  get-togethers to share great moments. The day’s celestial influences are bound to serve as a morale booster for you. You will end the day on a note of high enthusiasm.

There may be pleasant  You may be getting on well with others but others in your group may develop reservations and start disliking you. You will continue to struggle in a new place amid new persons as part of discharging your official duties. Do you still want to stick up?

There may be pleasant  But your plans to take on professional rivals may slow down due to lack of proper support from friends and cousins. The day has potential to cause obstructions in short- or long-distance travels.

There may be pleasant  You may feel sick of staying alone and feel like visiting them or asking them to visit you. Your inherent spiritual urges will come to the fore and you may look for the company of people involved in spiritual activity.

The day has potential to ensure your involvement in incidents that can catapult you up or bring you down depending on your attitude. Cultivate a sober attitude for the day for your good.

As the day dawns, you may wake up to hear blissful news that can keep you active, cheerful and dynamic for the next few days. With Jupiter blessing your ruling quarters, there will be no feelings of enmity and ego, and you will extend a helping hand even to those who you once considered as enemies.

You may visit banks /financial institutions to resolve technicalities regarding your account / dealings. But your regular flow of income will remain normal and you will not fail in fulfilling your commitments. Short travels for professional purposes are indicated.

You will enjoy utmost happiness. Your thought process would be in such a blissful status that you would hurry to make amendments to your behaviour in handling spousal relations for good. People will be pleased with your communication abilities.

You will find your hopes being dashed in love matters. The very person who you consider is your heartthrob may sulk over petty quarrels widening the gulf between you. Confusion will rule your mindset.

You may spend time with family and relatives and go out on entertainment trips for relaxation. There may be pleasant communications from friends and well-wishers. There would be no dearth of funds for you to fulfil your commitments and have fun.