If you are a father, you may look worried with the defiance of your daughter or a daughterly person at home on important issues. You will find it hard to convince her in alliance or professional matters. You may be out of moods and are likely to cancel scheduled journeys.

You may be very active on your social media platform with a view to gain more friends with a special purpose in mind. You may be looking for friends with a philanthropic outlook with an excellent background in charity works.

You may be preoccupied with a plethora of ideas on keeping your mother happy and healthy. If you are a public personality, you may think of taking her to an important programme to keep her in good humour. You will feel it is your duty.

You may be the centre of attraction at an event and several eyes may be scanning you for your looks and mannerisms. Perhaps, you may want to impress all or some of them with some decent interaction. You may try to show that you are a person of knowledge talking about so many things. You may feel you have great knowledge.

A costly thing in your house may get broken up by one of the boys or girls and you may run into heavy expenditure to get it repaired again. On the work front, you may be involved in a tough fight with one of your colleagues to grab an important post that has fallen vacant recently.

On an important issue, your partner may guide you as usual and you may benefit immensely with spousal advice. You may not be in a position to take independent decisions but your spouse will prove that she can guide you correctly at critical times.

Are you in some sort of tiff with unknown people? Avoid planned interactions with them as the celestial influences are bound to aggravate adverse relations. In money matters, you may face paucity of funds to honour commitments of the day.

But if you have a secret mission to complete, you will not succeed. The day is perfect to discuss important family or business matters with your parents or elders. Long distance communications will fetch good news.

If you are a lovebird, you will find it hard to take forward your love. You may face stiff opposition from elders at home. If you are involved in separation deals through courts, you will get concrete results. At home, you will fail to fulfil your commitments.

If you are planning to pursue higher studies or an affluent career abroad, you will receive favourable news. Aged and influential people will come in contact with you. You will end the day on a happy note.

Are you an academician? Things may look very dull for you in many respects. If you are involved in research work, you will have a hectic day with meetings/ seminars. If you are a writer dealing with big publishers, you may develop misunderstandings with your publisher. You may develop suspicions that your publisher is not churning out accurate details.

You will feel more comfortable with money matters. If you are a self-made professional, you will get full support from friends and cousins in key tasks. There will be useful travels and you may be introduced to new groups of people related to your activity.