There may be communications fetching you great news about your near and dear ones staying on foreign soil. You may learn that some novel gifts are on their way for you. Your mind will be full of gratitude for those caring for you and you may be anxious to receive gifts.

You may be haunted by different ideas that would pull you in different directions. But don’t get overwhelmed by those ideas. Just be your own self and work on top priorities.

If you are young and staying alone away from home for academic purposes, your parents may arrive to assess your progress. If you are a forced bachelor, your spouse may surprise you with sudden arrival. If you are a father staying alone, you may visit your son or a youngster.

You will feel great about the way you have conducted yourself in consolidating private and public relations. You will take pride in what you did for the sake of new friends who may become part of your future activity.

Long distance communications will bring in good news boosting up your morale. There will be short travels aimed at fulfilling spiritual vows or visiting ailing patients in hospitals.

Are you a professional visiting speculation centers like race courses frequently? If you have a betting program, observe professional standards. Your new techniques and experiments may not work out well for you. Professional gamblers always go by strict betting discipline.

If you are new to your activity in relation to other players of your ilk, you will feel that you should not have entered the field you are now related to. It would be difficult to know why some of the people around have left you without assigning any reason.

You will later realise that you have reposed immense faith on some of the people around you blindly but you may feel they have betrayed you. You will have an opportunity to explore reasons why you didn’t get expected results despite working hard.

The day is best to make a new beginning and carve a niche for yourself. Take a vow to adopt via media approach giving up aggressiveness and impulsive decisions.

As Moon influences your ruling quarters, you may be emotional. Your feelings will force you to take quick decisions contrary to natural attitude. With Mars exercising control on your communication skills, you may tend to abuse people who you don’t like.

With your Moon moving in Cancer, you will be calm and considerate and everything looks fine to you. All bigger problems will look very small and you will feel that you have easy solutions to all problems that you confront.

You will feel comfortable with your financial position and meeting the day’s commitments will be a cake walk for you. However, you may feel that you are facing plethora of obstacles in new initiatives aimed at inflating bank coffers.