The decision may relate to your idea of making investments in a new place or new segment. Your spouse may play a key role in changing your decisions based on certain worthy information.

You may participate in family events and there may be arrival of guests from far and near. Shopping visits for buying gifts and presentations are also on the anvil. You will look cheerful and energetic throughout the day.

You will continue to draw the attention of people around you. It will be hectic as you meet people from far and near, interacting with them and trying to know the progress of your initiatives. If you are in a subordinate position, you will realise that your bosses are depending more and more on you.

If you are involved in multiple activities dealing with government agencies, you will have a hectic day meeting officials and interacting with them. More and more people may long to associate with you. You will benefit from short travels.

Levels of resistance from co-workers and colleagues exhibited in the last few days will come down considerably. You will not find people questioning your stature or authority. You will go the whole hog to prove that you very much deserve the position you are holding.

Are you a loner residing on a foreign soil? Memories of pleasant moments that you enjoyed in the association of people on domestic soil may haunt you. Tending to become home sick, you may slip into depressive tendencies.

Are you a working woman? You may spend most of your time with friends from the opposite sex. Paying more attention to their problems, you may forget your priorities and waste your precious time.

You may feel elated with phone calls from your daughter or son staying away at distant places. You will find it necessary to replace your present communication system with a brand new one. You will benefit from shopping visits.

It can be a day of mixed results. Appreciation and criticism will come your way as retrograde Saturn influences your daily activity and gains. Try to keep off unnecessary discussions at home or workplace. If you are a team leader, there may be new additions to your team.

Are you a sports personality? The day can boost up your spirits. If you are a participant in sports events, you will learn that your team has more expectations on you and people are eagerly waiting for your performance.

It seems you have a bunch of dedicated friends and your relations are excellent. The day’s developments will reveal that your friends love you to the hilt just because of your royal behaviour.

You may look disturbed over the developments in the past few days that have pushed you to the wall. You will not find logical reasons to defend yourself but you will find convenient reasons to fault others for unpalatable things happening around.