Despite flawless planning, you may run into paucity of funds due to exigencies. You might be expecting arrival of funds from son or daughter staying on foreign soil but that may not materialise causing you disappointment.

It can be a day of introspection for you. As Venus controls your ideas, you need to review planning skills with a view to remove flaws in implementing strategies and attaining expected results. You will run through fresh bout of ideas to enhance image in your sphere of activity.

It seems you are fully depending on official agencies or on people in high places to go ahead with your special projects or initiatives. Knowingly or unknowingly, you may involve your spouse or elders in family in your efforts to speed up things and take them forward.

You may be worried that intensity of problems has reached flash point despite your efforts to solve them. If a member of the opposite sex is the source of the problem, it will continue for some more days.

You may perhaps think of having a peaceful day by keeping off mainstream professional chores and regular social activity. But, with major celestial activity going on in your luck zone, you may be frequently disturbed by phone calls by staff members.

Your strength is your thought process and your ability is your willingness to think positively. These virtues can play important role in your day’s activity as the celestial influences can force you to go astray and hijack your thought process.

The day will keep you happy on several counts. Spousal relations would be at their best while your professional acumen will reach peaks. You may feel blessed with arrival of guests from long distance and this may keep you spirited whole day.

There will be a sea change in your attitude towards friends and social media. You may feel that you are being subjected to an overdose of everything. You may decide to drop some of your friends from the list to spare more time for professional activity.

It may be difficult for you to tackle developments at home. Elders may repeatedly talk about issues which you think have died down for good. Your commitment will be questioned and your arguments will not carry any conviction.

Are you thinking too much of the failures or successes of your present initiatives? You may need to zero in on the most profitable one as your decision plays a key role in shaping up your future. You will begin and end the day on a satisfactory note.

You may feel that you should not have resorted to some of the actions that you did. There may be a deep introspection in you to find out whether you are going against conscience in any manner and whether you have grown up spiritually to the extent you wanted to grow.

You may try to provide them useful tips and receive monetary benefits in reciprocation. This is an excellent idea as you add your intelligence and wisdom to the decisions of friends.