Strained spousal relations or business partnership issues will dominate the week for you. You may find spousal behaviour irritating but you will feel there is not much you can do except for coping with the trend. You may be under pressure by your spouse to follow her decisions.

With ruling celestial entities Sun and Mars set to influence your thought process for the week ahead, you may develop fascination for government related activity and think of learning more about outsourcing projects or employment.

Not limiting yourself to immersing yourself in work, you may also try to take a look at surroundings to assess if somebody needs your help anyway. A couple of your team members may depend more on your guidance. A feeling of great satisfaction may grip you as your services get recognition.

Working on a mission, you may count on like-minded people to move on with your projects this week. But be prepared for the worst as there are chances of your being dumped midway through by others all of a sudden. You may be confused trying to assess reasons for their sudden volte-face.

With three royal entities Jupiter, Sun and Mars influencing your ruling quarters, you will be truthful sticking to promises made to friends or colleagues. But overenthusiasm on your part in fulfilling the promises may make you fumble in your endeavours. You may cancel pre scheduled travels due to other compulsions.

With a plethora of obstacles putting brakes on your activity, you may look deeply worried. You may feel your wisdom is not being put to use fully. But the people who are set to make use of your abilities may fear that you may outsmart them. By giving importance to you, they may think they are belittling some others who are more important to them. You may think completely differently.

With Mars influencing your attitude, there will be no takers for your ideas this week. Your fight to regain your lost prestige may evaporate into thin air due to lack of support. The very people who supported you may now point fingers at you.

You will devise ways and means of attacking adversaries through indirect and silent methods instead of taking on them directly. You may meet unscrupulous guys to discuss plans and implement them. You will look agitated.

You may feel that to be generous is the best thing you can do to them. Strongly guided by feelings that you would lose nothing by extending a helping hand to others, you may think of mobilising your resources to solve their issues.

You may aim at upgrading financial status and enhancing your image among friends and colleagues. As Mercury continues to guard your fortunes, your confidence will cross all boundaries and you’ll buttress your financial status.

As celestial giants Jupiter and Saturn continue to influence your activity, you will be in confusion this week. You will not hesitate to change your ideas and schedules. You may think of abandoning recent initiatives midway

With ruling quarters receiving dual influences of retrograde entities Jupiter and Saturn, you can be part of a group of individuals entrusted with important tasks. If you are in a key position, you may be averse to being part of it as you feel it is dominated by people who play second fiddle to bosses.